3 ways to attract local customers to a local business

If you’re a local business that serves customers in a specific locality, you’ll want to find smart ways to rank in Google for local searches.

A local search will consist of a a keyword relating to your products or services, followed by a location. For example, if I was looking for florists in Chester this are the search results I get:

The top 3 come from Google My Business results (which is something you definitely need to take advantages of if you’re a local business).

We’ve got three FREE ways you can attract customers for your local business through smart Search Engine Optimisation:

  1. Optimise your Google My Business

Remember that Google profile you created when you first set up your business? It’s probably built up a lot of cyber dust over the years, so it’s time to dig it out and make sure your information is up to date.

There are simple ways to optimise your Google profile to get higher up the rankings:

  • Getting reviews from existing customers
  • Adding products and services so they are found and indexed correctly in Google
  • Adding relevant images or videos that promote your products and services
  • Making sure the category you are listed for is correct (Google may have added more since you set it up)
  • Publish new posts on Google My Business regularly to keep it fresh

2. Create location-specific pages

Next you’re going to create pages on your website that are location-specific around your targeted keyword phrase. Create a list of the locations you want to target and create a page for each them that focuses on your keyword. Let’s say your keyword is ‘recruitment consultant’ but the locations you target are Chester, North Wales and Ellesmere Port, you create a page for each of these areas being very careful to make it too spammy for search engines. It needs to be useful for your visitors and encourage them to make an enquiry. Content also needs to be unique to each page and not copied and pasted!

3. Create a blog

You’re then going to brainstorm 5 or 6 blog titles around your main keyword and location. Think about what potential customers would type into Google to find products and services like yours. Make sure your focus keyword and location are in the title of the blog.

Create content that’s relevant to your specific locality that your audience will find useful, such as local events to show that you’re a local business and are involved in activity within that area.

Search Engine Optimisation is vital for local businesses and by implementing these 3 tactics and being consistent with your content creation, you will start to see your website traffic increase.

If you need help with any of the above, please reach out to me by booking a FREE 15-minute Consultation.