3 ways to rank for a keyword phrase in Google

Do you have a keyword phrase that you’d really love to rank on the first or second page of Google? Imagine how many enquiries you might get if you’re on the first page of Google for that keyword phrase?

Is it just a coincidence that your competitors always appear on the first page of Google for it, or maybe they’re doing something that you need to know about…

First things first. Make sure that the keyword you choose is both RELEVANT and ACHIEVABLE for you to rank for. Relevant in that it needs to represent your products and services (and you can create the content to back that up). Secondly, it needs to be achievable. Use a keyword tool like Ubersuggest to find keywords that are searched for regularly but are not too competitive.

Once you’ve identified your keywords, here are 3 ways to rank for them in Google:

1.Create a Content Plan

You need to create a content plan around your keyword phrase and start brainstorming ideas.

Make a note of all the questions that your customers ask you as a starting point. These make great blog posts because your audience are likely to be searching for these in Google. If you have created a blog about them, think of the traffic that could deliver to your business.

Start to make a list of blog titles and create a plan of when you’re going to create those blogs. Commit to blogging once a week if you want to see a real improvement in rankings.

REMEMBER THAT YOUR KEYWORD PHRASE NEEDS TO BE IN THE TITLE of the blog and within the blog itself.

2. Dedicate a page on your website for that keyword

It’s amazing how many websites I review that don’t have a single piece of content on their website around that keyword. How on earth is Google going to rank you for that KW phrase if you don’t have any content about it? I know he’s a robot, but he’s not telepathic!

Make your page relevant, interesting and full of valuable content. Don’t just spam Google with the keyword repeated in an unnatural way. Write it to impress your audience, and search engines will naturally follow.

3. Use Social Media to promote your content

Now you’ve created great content on your website, you need to drive traffic to your blog post. Use the relevant social media channels that work best for your audience. When you post, use hashtags around your chosen keyword so that people searching or following those hashtags will find your content so you’ll get more traffic and valuable leads.

If you would like help identifying keywords for your business, or creating great content that’s going to deliver traffic and leads, book in a FREE Consultation with me and I can help you.