5 things Google loves to see on a website

It’s Valentine’s Day and no better time to uncover the true heartstrings of Google. After all, robots have feelings too, you know!

So what’s Google’s idea of the perfect date with a website? Let’s dive in and uncover the world of Google search results and what you can do to improve your chances to attract search engines to your website.

1. Quality and Relevance

Ah, quality and relevance, the dynamic duo that makes Google’s heart skip a beat!

Google loves it when you provide content that’s truly relevant and valuable to your audience. Google wants its users to feel like they’ve found their soulmate website, where every search query leads to a treasure trove of exactly what they’re looking for. If your content is high quality and relevant, you’re not just wooing Google; you’re making a lasting connection that’ll keep your website visitors coming back for more and eventually becoming paid customers or clients for your business.

2. A strong backlink profile

A strong backlink profile is built when other websites link to your website. Each backlink acts as a vote of confidence, telling Google that your website is worth high rankings. This can be built by creating really good content (that gets other people or companies talking about you across the web) – and then linking to you. It’s a great ranking and traffic boost for your website.  However, just like any successful love story, Google is picky so it can’t just be any website that links to you. Quality counts. It’s the websites that have high authority and PageRank that count the most.

3. A great user experience

When your website provides a great user experience, not only are you keeping your website visitors happy, you’re also capturing Google’s affection and earning a special place in its search results. From seamless navigation, clear call-to-actions and lightning-fast load times, your user journey must be well-thought through to keep your visitors engaged, enabling them to easily find what they’re looking for …true love!

4. A good internal link structure

Internally linking your content using a good internal link structure can have great SEO benefits. With each internal link, Google gains deeper insights into your website’s hierarchy and content relationships. These links also allow your users to navigate your website easily, so they stay on your website for longer. Don’t forget that when you’re adding those internal links, use descriptive anchor text so that Google and your users can better understand the context and the relevance of the page.

5. Good technical SEO 

The technical aspects of your website, such as its website speed, mobile-friendliness, and crawlability, ensures your website is easy for users and Google to find and understand your content. From canonical tags, XML sitemaps, Structured Data, Hreflang tags and 301 redirects, there are too many technical SEO factors to mention, but paying attention to them can lead to better visibility in the eyes of Google.

These are just 5 of 200+ other factors that Google takes into account, but these are definitely ones you should focus on first if you want to get more traffic from Google.

So if you’re ready to pull at the heartstrings of your audience and Google, let’s have a conversation about how we can help you create the best online love story there is.