business award submission Cheshire

The true VALUE of winning a business award

What would it mean to your business to win an award? Lots of great publicity? A glitzy awards night? … or just another trophy for the cabinet in reception? There are so many benefits that winning an award can bring to your business. Everything from preparing the submission, right through to the media coverage following …

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STOP doing Boost Posts on Facebook!

Have you ever used Boost Post on Facebook? Maybe you wanted your post to reach more people so you put a bit of money behind it, but then you wondered whether it actually worked? Using Boost Post will certainly get your content in front of more people but if you want to advertise effectively on …

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How to determine the success of your Facebook page

Most business owners have been exposed to the many reasons why having a Facebook business page is a good idea. But many aren’t aware that a Facebook page comes with a free, analytics tool provided by Facebook that helps you understand more about your Facebook Page’s posts and fans.