ChatGPT – Is this the future for content writing?

What is ChatGPT?

Created by the company OpenAI and Launched in November 2022, Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (ChatGPT) is the next stage in artificial intelligence. Progressing from the likes of Siri and Alexa which retrieve information in basic form, ChatGPT produces responses and content which are designed to replicate human conversation.

From news articles, essays, emails and social media posts, this fairly recent AI technology can deliver responses on demand and with a conversational style to help hide the impersonal origin of the content.

You’re now thinking how much easier school would have been if you had this technology right? Here’ an example of ChatGPT used to help generate ideas for an essay.

No more content writing, right?

If writing content is the bane or your life, or you just want time efficient convenience, ChatGPT can no doubt help as a good starting point.

Here’s some of the ways ChatGPT can help:

  • Generate ideas
  • Create quick customised content
  • Simplify complicated topics
  • Creates content in multiple languages
  • Create answers to frequently asked questions
  • Create content when you’re stuck what to write

However, utilise the power of ChatGPT with caution.

Whilst it’s colloquial style is much desired, it is nevertheless artificial intelligence and therefore has its limitations still. The human touch is essential for writing content with good flow, to over-ride grammatical errors and avoid incorrect information.

But more than that, we must remember one of the reasons we are creating content is to provide useful and relevant content for our users and to rank well in search engines. Therefore, we must remember the importance of SEO (search engine optimisation).

ChatGPT and the demise of SEO

SEO relies on expertise, authority and trust which are gained through processes such as deliberate use of key words, internal links, backlinks, customer engagement and shares. So to rank high on Google, search engines require content which embeds these principles into it.

If you Google search, ‘How to write a blog’, you are returned with 3,250,000,000 results. Google is very good at blocking out the noise and narrowing down the first page of results which are trusted, relevant and have more authority to show you first. Statistics show that 0.63% of people click to the second page of search results on Google, so your business wants to be on page 1 right? (Backlinko, 2022)

ChatGPT creates content, but it’s not just about creating content for content sake. It’s providing personalised, relevant and useful content that will generate more leads for your business.

If you want your website to perform well, attract engagement and ultimately help you get more clients, you need to put emphasis on creating quality content which is aimed directly at your customers to meet their requirements, and not just utilising impersonal convenience.

Let our humans help, not AI.

Here at Moorhouse Digital, we strongly believe in the power of content. We create highly personalised content which generates measurable leads to their business through our expertise in SEO. To find out more how the humans at Moorhouse Digital can take the burden of content creating off you, book a free consultation today.