Events & Social Media – The Importance of Gathering Content


Business events. Like them or loathe them, they provide a valuable platform for networking, learning, making new connections AND raising our profile on social media. Capturing the day’s experience, the learnings, all the fabulous professionals you met can bring you plenty of value on social media. Yet all too often, the events of the day aren’t captured.

As you scroll through your days iPhone gallery, you realise you’ve forgotten to take photos, and the one or two you have just don’t showcase the experience and aren’t good enough to share on social.

Gathering shareable content from the day can be a difficult task to remember when caught up in the flow of the occasion. The simplicity of taking quality pictures and videos throughout the event is fundamental for creating social media content that drives traffic and engagement towards your business.

Think of all the connections you may have made that day, let’s turn them into digital connections and potentially new business. Or that inspirational talker, let’s get a picture together and tag them in your socials to build your credibility and audience reach.

Here’s what you should consider before, during & after the event to leverage your presence about the event on social media:


Start the hype
  • Let your audience know you’re going with regular posts prior to the event, create some build up around the event and which speakers you’re excited to hear.
  • Search the events hashtags to increase your post’s reach to other attendees. Consider tagging the hosting location, guest speaker and the organiser.
See you there!
  • Create a form on your website so that people can easily book 1-to-1 meetings with you on the day. You don’t need a booth or stand, a coffee shop is just as good.


Click! Click! Click!
  • Your iPhone camera is your best friend at business events. The more pictures you can take the better so that you have plenty of options for posting about it later. Remember: event branding! Take pictures of you with the event branding in the background.
  • Meet someone interesting? Get a selfie! Tag them later in your post or share on an instant Instagram Story. They will no doubt also appreciate the exposure on your business page to help grow their followers.
Camera, action
  • Take short videos throughout the event and create a Reel for Instagram. Reels naturally reach a wider audience and attract more engagement.
Why are you here?
  • Explain WHY you are at the event; it demonstrates professional development and makes for an interesting read.
My name is…
  • Take note of guest speaker’s names and connect over LinkedIn ready to tag them in your posts. Building your connections helps build followers.


The follow up
  • Keep the conversation going by sending DM’s on social to connect with the people you met that day.
Show off
  • Use the content you’ve gathered to create a series of interesting posts to engage current followers.


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