Website SEO Audit Services

Struggling to get qualified leads from your website?

Picture the scene ... your email used to 'ping' with new website enquiries, but lately the only ping you hear is the microwave telling you that your coffee is ready.

In March 2024 there was a MAJOR Google update and many websites have been affected. You might not even realise it yet, but your website traffic might be down, your rankings may have fallen off a cliff and the lack of enquiries is turning your coffee cold.

This is exactly why you need an SEO Audit.

Our Website SEO Audit services provide an in-depth and bespoke analysis of your website that will:

  • Uncover the REAL reasons why your website might not be delivering the traffic or enquiries you had hoped for.
  • Give you clear actionable steps you need to take to achieve great results, increase your website traffic and get more qualified leads.
  • Reveal what strategies your competitors are using to rank higher than you.
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Our website SEO Audit services will uncover what's holding your website back, and your best opportunities to improve search visibility.


“Clare really gets under the skin of your business objectives and applies best practice, and search engine strategies to be able to take your business to the next level. I highly recommend this Audit as the results have proven ROI tenfold.”

Talent Hub Recruitment

"Relevant and invaluable. Clare showed an innate understanding of our business and her recommendations allowed us to increase website traffic and enquiries.  Clare not only knows her stuff, she knows how to break it down so others can learn from it."

Matthews of Chester

Our SEO Audits really get under the skin of your website, and find out what's holding it back from ranking well in search engines and delivering the traffic and enquiries you want.

What's included in the Audit:

Keyword Research & Analysis

We'll identify which keyword phrases are achievable for you to rank for, and that are aligned with the audience you want to attract. You'll be able to see where you rank for these keyword phrases and which competitors are outperforming you - and why!

Competitor Analysis

Find out why your competitors are ranking above you in search engines, and uncover the strategies they are using to gain more traffic and authority in Google.

Full Content Audit

A full review of all the content on your website to ensure your content has relevance AND quality.

  • Identifying outdated and low-quality content that needs to be updated
  • Recommending new content required to fit search intent
  • Making your high-potential content more comprehensive, useful, and therefore more competitive

Google Analytics

We'll delve into your GA data so we can determine:

  • Which search terms are bringing you lots of website traffic?
  • Which keywords do you have the potential to improve for? (and which the fastest?)
  • What pages do you need to change to do that?
  • What existing content can be improved to get more traffic for each search term?
  • Check for any organic traffic drops that coincide with Google algorithm changes.  In March 2024, Google released a major algorithm change and lots of websites have been badly effected receiving less traffic and lower rankings.
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On-page changes to improve Search Engine Ranking

We will review all pages on your website and recommend on-page changes such as keyword insertion, headings, image ALT tags, word count and page structure.

Meta Data

We will review all meta data in line with the keywords we have recommended and the content on each page, and advise on how to improve it based on SEO best practice.

Site architecture and User Experience (UX)

This can have a huge impact on search engine performance. We will analyse Page Speed, Core Web Vitals, how pages are organised and link together, and quickly users can find information they need.

Technical SEO Audit

We review all technical elements that we know search engines look for to effectively crawl and index your content. Many of which also impact your user experience.

1 hour findings call

We will present all our analysis and recommendations to you on a Teams call so that you fully understand the report, what it means for you and your business and what the next steps are.

FAQs about our Website SEO Audit Services