The Importance of an Instagram Links Page on Your Website


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, with over 1 billion monthly active users. With its focus on visual content, Instagram is a prime platform for businesses and brands to attract and engage with their target audience.

However, there is one limitation of Instagram – you can only include a maximum of two active links in your Instagram bio posts and only one in your stories. This is where having a dedicated Instagram links page on your website comes in handy.

What is an Instagram Links Page?

An Instagram links page is a dedicated page on your website where you provide links to your latest content. The goal is to drive Instagram traffic back to your website where they can access all your content seamlessly.

Here are some of the key benefits of having an Instagram links page:

  • Drives Website Traffic
  • Enables you to highlight multiple articles, landing pages, or products.
  • Promotes Your Latest Content
  • You can include your latest blog posts, videos, free downloads, and other content.
  • It makes sharing your content easy and seamless without users struggling to find your content.

Best practise is to write in your Instagram post, ‘LINK IN BIO >>’. Then ensure you have updated your webpage with the content you are directing users to!

Overview of Your Offerings

Your Instagram links page can provide an overview of your products, services, and offerings. For example, you can categorise links by topics like “Our Services”, “Shop Our Products”, “Free Downloads” etc. This gives users a hub to access everything you offer and more online space to give you opportunity to optimise the page for conversions.

Track Clicks & Engagement

When shared on Instagram, you can track how many users click through to your links page. This helps you identify what types of content resonates best with your Instagram followers.

Having a designated Instagram links page on your website is a great way to drive Instagram traffic, distribute your content, and offer users easy access to all your offerings.

Just make sure the format of the page is mobile-friendly! And remember to promote the link consistently on Instagram.

Why you shouldn’t use a Linktree page

While tools like Linktree allow you to create a personalised links page, it has some downsides. The main issue is that your Linktree page lives on Linktree’s domain, not your own website. This means if users don’t click through, they won’t reach your site.

Sending social media traffic to your own website is crucial for staying visible throughout your customer journey and driving conversions. When people only visit the Linktree page, they aren’t exposed to your branding, content and offerings.

The goal on social media is to drive traffic back to your owned platforms. So having your Instagram links page hosted on your own domain, rather than on Linktree’s platform, means more visitors reaching your website from Instagram and more exposure for your brand. This ultimately translates to higher conversion rates

What should a Links page have?

– blogs
– events
– Important links
– Be optimised for mobile
– Allow users to navigate back to Instagram

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Take Control of Your Instagram Link Strategy

At Moorhouse Digital, we create custom Instagram link pages that live on your website domain – not Linktree. Our professional link pages showcase your latest content beautifully while guiding Instagram visitors to explore your site. This results in higher consumption of your offerings and more conversions.

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