Is your website driving the results you need?

Your website is looking good, but it’s not engaging visitors, and your traffic is falling.

Worse still, it's not converting any leads and you have no idea how your website is performing in search engines.

How do you solve the problem? The answer might be discovered by our detailed Website Audits.

Increase lead generation

A website audit thoroughly analyses your website's technical issues, content, and performance. This can identify areas of your website that requires improvement to ensure that it attracts and converts potential customers. Your website is a significant asset in lead generation and deserves ongoing maintenance to keep it optimised for customers.


Uncover hidden opportunities

An audit analysis the quality, relevance, and structure of the existing content. This helps identify missed opportunities for showcasing your business in a way that is optimised for search engines and user engagement.


Improve user experience

User experience is a top priority for Google when ranking a pages URL in search results. A website audit provides you with actionable data that explains why a parts of your website is encountering problems. Users may be seeing broken URL codes or mistakes in your navigation as well as slow loading pages.

Site speed is a key factor in SEO and our analysis can identify recommendations that will eliminate the issues and improve the user experience to get you the business you want.

What do our Website Audits include?

Google Analytics

We take a deep dive into your Google Analytics to provide insights on how your users are behaving on your website, what content users are interested in and what pages are converting the most business.

It also identifies where website traffic is coming from, ie. organic searches, paid ads or external links. This analysis provides useful information to whether your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) is working for you and how the right strategies can improve your efforts.

Keyword Performance

Keyword phrases that once worked for ranking your website may not be working so well for you now. We analyse the use of keywords and can provide solutions for improving keyword performance to help you rank higher on Google and outperform the competition.

Competitor Analysis

By better understanding your competitor, you can identify ways your brand may be missing out so you can make necessary changes to stay ahead of the game. Our analysis of your competitors includes their social media activity, the content they put out, their keyword performance, and their backlinks.

Overall Page Structure

Page structure influences good SEO and is therefore an important factor in increasing your Google ranking. Our analysis will provide simple, actionable steps such as optimising the use of heading tags and a making sure there is a clear call to action to increase lead rates.

Content Review

Our analysis will show what content users like to engage with, so we know what content will work best for your business. We look at whether your content is reflecting what you are trying to achieve as a business and provide expert suggestions for getting more from your online content. Our expertise in SEO will also identify what keywords you need to be using to rank higher.

Technical Elements

40% of consumers abandon a webpage after waiting more than 3 seconds. Because of this, site speed is now an official Google ranking factor. During a website audit, site speed is analysed and issues impacting the speed will be determined. By carefully sieving your site, we mitigate any technical errors that can affect user experience to leave your site optimised for generating leads.


The website audit will access how easy it is for users to find the relevant information and for them to take action by contacting your business, buying products or signing up.

Our ‘hotspot’ technology will analyse where users click the most which is key to understanding what areas of the website attract the most attention. We may discover that an alternative navigational structure could improve your lead rate and our detailed report will explain how to achieve it.

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