Why you need a Content Plan for 2018


2018 is almost upon us and it’s that time of year when we all start to look forward and make a plan for the coming year. Like most projects, a Content Plan isn’t something you want to jump in to blindly. There needs to be a cohesive plan that covers your different audiences, topics, content mediums, as well as a range of channels to publish on.

Now unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, you’ll be all too familiar with the importance of creating content to attract and retain customers.

According to research carried out by the Content Marketing Institute, content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

So it’s been proven that creating and promoting the right content not only costs less, but also generates more leads!

That’s a no-brainer isn’t it?!

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why you need a Content Plan to get you focused for 2018:

  1. It helps demonstrate your knowledge

Distributing regular content on the right platforms will help demonstrate your expertise on specific issues that are relevant to your audience. Your content should be an answer hub for all your customers’ questions so that you become the ‘go-to’ resource in your industry. That way, it will be liked and shared by the right audience, in the right places – attracting more of the right customers who will buy from you.

  1. Better visibility online

Getting your content found by prospective customers on Google is the holy grail. There are two ways to achieve this:

i) Publishing it on your own website (and promoting it widely).

ii) Sending it to relevant, high authority third party sites to provide you with a quality link that in turn will improve your search engine ranking.

Both of these approaches have merit. Publishing on third-party sites is faster, easier, and lends you credibility. Driving people to your own site is powerful for brand awareness, and you have more control of the next steps (remarketing, lead generation, email, social and so forth).

Either way, your Content Plan should ideally have a mix of both in order to give you a greater chance of search engine visibility.

  1. Increases productivity

A clear Content Plan holds you accountable so you know exactly what needs to be posted and when. When you have a plan, everything becomes more realistic and achievable and this will keep you focused for the year ahead.

  1. Reconnects with your existing customers

Creating the right content not only helps to attract new customers, it also helps to reconnect with existing ones. It can help upsell other products or services you offer and build loyalty over time.

  1. It persuades people to take action

Content needs to encourage people to take action based on what they’ve seen or read. Align your Content Plan with what you want your audience to do once they have consumed your content with a clear Call-to-Action; that way they’re one step closer to becoming paying customers.

So are you ready to ignite your business in 2018?

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This investment will give you:

  • A detailed plan from 1 Jan to 30 April 2018 that will ignite your business.
  • 48 well-researched Content Titles with clear Call-to-Actions.
  • A list of third party websites relevant to your business where you can post your content to gain credibility and traffic.
  • A range of content mediums for you to try (blog, vlog, infographic, case study etc.)
  • A clear publishing schedule across multiple platforms.

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